The Members

We decided to make our beer and the club a very unique experience – both are only available to selected members. There are founder members and members. You are welcome to apply for one of the categories. The selection process is very rigid – but by this we keep our beer exclusive and the club according our vision.

Here is how you can become a member:

A committee of the founders and selected founders members is voting about any new member. We recommend that you have at least two friends who are already members and are willing to vouch for you. Just download one of the application forms below and fill in the necessary information along with your references.

Founders members can apply until August 2014. To be a founder member has several advantages. You will have early and preferred access to new sorts of beer, preferred booking for lodges, and invitations to selected events throughout the year. But being a founder member also has some tasks to it. We expect you to visit the lodges and the club at least once a year. You should also be available to be elected as a member of the selection committee.

To apply for a founder membership, please download our founder membership application form here FIXME

If you just want to enjoy beer in a wonderful and scenic setting in Brazil with important business contacts, you might become one of our members. It is similar in exclusivity.

Please download your membership application here.