The Club

Our goal was to create an attractive, luxury and sustainable place to host & meet selected likeminded people for pleasure & business and to enjoy:

‚The world’s most exclusive beer in a breathtaking atmosphere’

Contrary to other microbreweries with close ties to big corporates, we decided to build a brewery that really focuses on the Beer itself AND the people that drink the beers – our members.

The Visconde Bier Club always combines:

  • highest quality ingredients
  • traditional brewing methods
  • German engineered Brewery
  • German engineered Brewery
  • Top decorated brew masters
  • AND
  • Selected, likeminded people from both sides of the Atlantic that are worth to be served with the most exclusive beer you can imagine.

When this idea was born, it was clear to all of us, that we need an outstanding, extraordinary place to build our brewery, a place that meets the need of our beers (water quality, climate conditions) but also a place that fulfills the demands of our members. It took a while but then we found the right spot at Visconde de Mauá, in the triangle oft three major cities: Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Belo Horizonte.

Our Club is designed to host and serve open-minded, international people with a sense for quality and sustainability.... and it is helpful, if you are a beer lover ;-)

It doesn’t play a role if you’re a rock star, internet pioneer, a surgeon, a football player, manager or an actor and it doesn’t matter, where you come from. Be assured that the member committee will always make sure, that we have the right combination and selection of members to make our club an interesting place to meet and greet great people. Very much as our brew master combine the perfect ingredients for their beers.

As a member you can use all our club premises together with your family and friends (max. 3) per visit as long and as often as you like. All Beers and our local brewing water is for free for you and your guest as long as you stay (in case, we help you to find the right time to change from beers to brew water.

Members have the option to build their own holiday lodge on the club premises (no need to buy the land) for their family and friends and to rent to other club members (pls ask the club management for more details) -> Link contact form

Members can use the club premises to host business or private events according to our house rules (pls ask the club management for more details) FIXME Link contact form

Members will be invited to special events in our club premises and partner restaurants & clubs.

Our member management will actively help you to get in contact with other members if there is a win-win possibility.

Our member management will actively support you with know-how and know-who in business or private issues – don’t hesitate to ask us.

ALL that for a very reasonable yearly membership fee link to the membership section