The Bier

The world’s most exclusive beer in a breathtaking atmosphere!

That’s the claim of our house and will always guide us to be passionate about brewing outstanding beers for our members – probably the best in the world.

Our Visconde Bier™ combines German/European brewing tradition and experience with the Brazilian/Latin American lifestyle and spirit – in our view a perfect combination for lots of other things too :-)

All beers are exclusively brewed for our members and their friends and families. All members and their guests are welcome to enjoy the beers for free in our club premises, at home or for special events limited to club members and their guests in selected restaurants and clubs around the globe.

  • Our beers fulfill the highest quality standards and are strictly brewed by the rules of the German ‚Reinheitsgebot from 1516’.
  • Our beers are brewed in a high quality German-engineered brewery, made in Germany in 2013/2014 by the Richard Wengert company in Baden-Wuerttemberg according to our needs and plans from our brew master.
  • Our beers are designed and brewed by our German brew master Rainer Kruppa and fine tuned by our Brasilian Beer Somelier Marcelo Moss (founder of BadenBaden Beer company) – according to our goal:
  • ‚To combine German tradition and experience with Brazilian lifestyle and spirit.’

The Visconde Bier Club offers of course different kinds of beers to its members:

We have 3 all-years classics on tab:

  • Visconde Classic German Pilsener
  • Visconde Classic Wheat Beer
  • Visconde Classic Lager Beer

We have seasonal brewed beers – frequently brewed by world class brew masters from the best breweries around the world to offers their ‚best of’s’ exclusively to our members in a limited edition:

  • Indian Pale Ale (IPA)
  • Imperial Stout
  • German Märzen
  • Belgian Trapist Beer
  • Czech Pilsener
  • Doppelbock
  • Bavarian Hell
  • And many more....

Come join us.